We are an overall web marketing company supporting
all regional communities in Japan.

Regional Revitalization Squad

Regional Revitalization Squad supports local government such as development, sales, and PR of local brands and local products, engage in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and support residents.
The requirements and work conditions vary depending on each local government.
The duration of term is usually from one to three years.

SNS management

Utilize SNS to reach a broad audience who are prospective visitors to the regions in Japan.
The number of clients has been growing, now it is more than 300!
From managing website/DMs to effective web ads, we deliver all in a package.

Consulting & Research

As an expat in Japan, your opinion is valuable to refine existing services.
We coordinate various researches from just a sheet of poll to an online event.

Online Events

Creating opportunities to interact with potential visitors through online tours and events.
Participants get not only the experience, but also some souvenir depending on the clients.

Live Streaming E-commerce
Online sales promotion powers one-to-one shopping experiences with live commerce.
Consumers would be able to get personalized consultation from the producers.
Live FAQs lowers the hurdle to purchase.


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